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Welcome to modolicious, the place to find Luxology's modo training. If you're new to 3D or modo or you just want to pick up some new techniques, you've come to the right place. We currently have 4 training series available. Foundational 3D takes the new 3D artist by the hand and explains comon terms and techniques while illustrating them in modo. The beginner's guide to modo 401 gives the new modo user an overview of modo's unique tols like action centers, falloffs and illustrates how to use different modeling techniques depending on the type of object you're trying to model.

Modeling a Mountain Bike in modo 401 Parts I II are project based tutorials to illustrate advanced modeling techniques along with topics such as custom texture creation, exploration of presets to learn how to build your own, photoshop integration for creating texture maps from uv maps and more. Click any of the splash images below for more information.